Fragments of a lifetime

miguel westerberg

miguel westerberg

This book is about the difficulties the artist Miguel Westerberg had to face, during one of the worst periods of his life: his childhood in a country completely dominated by the dictatorial power of Salazar. A decade when everything turned out to be a caos for him; the ones who were supposed to protect him, abandoned him completely.

Through his acrylic paintings he found a way to portray the inequalities of the world around him, as well as expose the occultism, abstractism and mysticism existent in the particularity of every single living thing. No matter if it is a simple object, landscape or a person. His real intention was always to define what seamed to be undefined and also to get explanation for whatever was said to be incomprehensible for the most of us. It’s relatively noticeable a mixture of paradoxes and metamorphoses in his masterpieces.

By: Hadassa Alencar


~ por miguelwest em 23 de Julho de 2009.

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