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Nowadays the world of the arts, including a big part of artists, feel like if they were out of the society. It was for this reason that, along with a small group of friends and artists, I decided to create an inclusive movement that would insert us into the “patterns” of society, at the same time that we are bringing them to our world… By the way, who is accepting who? I chose the name GLOBALISTS because, first of all, it’s a new word which has becoming, little by little, part of everybody’s vocabulary and this word alone embody, unify and, consequently, has the power of inclusion.The Globalist Artists have a great mission that has just started: they are in charge of taking a unification message to the whole word through their paintings and related subjects.Inside this blog you will find a great variety of different styles, what also brings a real sense to the world GLOBALIST. We don’t exclude any kind of art, no matter if it is a Naïf, Surrealist, Classical, Cubism, Abstract or any other one. Our purpose is to continue the ART BY ART, no matter what happen.I believe this movement will be hardly criticized sooner or later, because it is not common to join many style in this dispersive and selfish world that is always labeling and separating everything they judge GOOD or BAD, but for us, there aren’t good or bad artists , but only bad observers!!
Written by Miguel Westerberg
The Artistic Movement Called “Globalist” was created in April 5th, 2006 in San Paul – Brazil by a Portuguese artist: Miguel Westerberg. Its purpose is to divulgate the artistic and contemporaneous work of many artists spread around world, especially inside the plastic arts, prose, poetry, sculpture and everything in between for the cause of ART. Groups of Globalist Artists: FERNANDO ALVES, JOÃO CARLOS, ANNA VEIGA, MARCO BRAZ, SILVIA CASTILHOS, VIXL, MARCOS NAKASONE, CECILA ZEN, ERMÍNIO SOUZA, SANDRA PARMA, MIGUEL WESTERBERG, AIRTON DE OLIVEIRA, CATARINA GARÇIA, DOUGLAS LEITÃO, GUIOMAR BALDISSERA, VIVIAN CARVALHAIS, ANDRE TELES, MENDELL,* EDITOR AND WRITER: HADASSA WESTERBERG

~ por miguelwest em 8 de Dezembro de 2007.

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